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Muk Designs is the work of artist Sara Nadler. Sara's earliest art interest after "coloring" was collage--much of the sewing she does now stems from that experience of piecing together the colors and textures from the pages of fashion magazines.

The benefit of fabric is that it actually has texture, and the piecing together of it is a more fluid endeavor due to the medium's malleability.

Cutting, arranging and piecing the fabric together to form the three dimensions of an aardvark--or a one of a kind clothing item--is a rewarding sculptural art process. And the one of a kind nature of Muk items makes them very personal and full of personality.

Sara looks forward to creating her classic shapes again and again in many different colors and textures--look for crocheted aardvarks, pieces made of recycled wool and cotton knits. Please don't hesitate to contact Sara to commision unique one-of-a-kind pieces just for you.

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